Marine Repairs

Put your trust in our hands at Swan Valley Marina. We proudly offer reliable, honest and experienced Marine Technician services. Our technician will determine the most effective solution to getting your boat running properly so that you can enjoy the precious moments you have on the water. When you put your boat in our care, we will keep it in the best possible condition by properly maintaining it throughout the life of the boat. 

Spring Commissioning and Launching 

In one easy phone call or e-mail you can have your boat commissioned, detailed and waiting for you to pick it up, at our dock or delivered to your boat lift. Commissioning the boat includes: connecting and re-charging the battery, putting in drain plugs, running the engine to defog the motor, checking the fluids, running a safety check: checking the lights, horn, plugs, instruments & gauges and looking for leaks. Other services provided are: Engine Tune Up, Oil Changes, Power Wash, Interior Detail, Wash, Wax, and Delivery 

Winterizing (De-Commissioning) 

At Swan Valley Marina, we go beyond the factory recommended method of de-commissioning your boat to assure that your engine and it components are safe from freezing due to water trapped inside. Our process includes the following: We begin by filling the gas tank and conditioning the fuel. We then remove the drive, drain the block, flush the motor with anti-freeze while running the engine up to temperature, fog the engine, inspect and grease the U-Joints, gimbal bearing and Spline, inspect the bellows, then re-install the drive. 

Launch And Haul Out 

We offer “In & Out” Services for boats up to 25'. Just give us a call and we'll get you a quote.